We Are Back

Hello and welcome back to Love Lily!

After what seems like a very long time Love Lily is back up and running - very fast! Some of you will know my main job is working within the NHS and that has had to take priority over making our dance wear. It wasn't an easy decision to make to be away for so long but as a family business we felt it was very important to get our priorities right and help the nation with this awful pandemic.

We appreciate your patience whilst we have been away and would like to offer you a 'back to school 'discount on all our skirts and ballet bags. Valid from Saturday 29th August - Friday 4th September. Use code welcomeback15

We've noticed an explosion of beautiful dance wear coming into the market place from big brands and new small starters. Such an exciting time for fashion within our fabulous world of dance. Our ethos is based on individual style and the quality of our product whilst trying to get an eye on ethics with regards to our environment and working practices.

All our packaging is 100% recycled and our Love Lily clothing bags are all reusable for protecting your skirts and leotards and of course for keeping shoes and accessories safe. My friend uses hers for all her phone and computer cables! :)

Fast fashion is one of the major concerns we are experiencing in the Western World. Landfill sites brimming with unwanted clothes usually only worn a few times and most likely produced cheaply in unsafe sweatshops both here in the UK and abroad. When I see a skirt for £5 and a leotard for £10 I ask myself questions about where this product was made and at what cost!

Love Lily is just myself and my business Partner, Sue, AKA Grandma who has a Gazillion years working with fabrics. We make all our own garments here is my sewing room in a small village in rural Leicestershire. We buy from suppliers mainly in Germany and the UK where most of the fabrics are produced.

We are seeing a fabulous range of recycled lycra fabrics coming into the market and use these where appropriate in our designs. These fabrics recycled from plastics including fishing nets and tulle, long may this trend continue!

Thank you for supporting our little brand,

Many thanks

Ruth & Sue @ Love Lily

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