Skirt Styles

At Love Lily  we've never believed that one size or one style fits all and so we have carefully created a range of skirts for everyone no matter what age or size you are.  See guide at the bottom of the page for approximate measurements.

Classic Cut :- Love Lily's version of their classic ballet wrap with a slightly longer length to the front of the skirt which creates an elegant flow when dancing.  Loved by all ages and available in four sizes, XS, S, M, L

Short & Sassy :- One of our most popular skirts with the under 21s and like it says this little number is short and sassy and looks adorable with a lovely bounce.  Main feature of the skirt is that the length sits just below the bottom and is a similar length around the whole skirt.  Available in three sizes, XS, Small & Medium

Pro Rehearsal:-This is my favourite skirt and the one I enjoying making the most.  It has a similar structure to the Classic Lines skirt with the extra length at the back but also has a good length to the front of the skirt.  The skirt is slightly more generous in the waist to suit the more experienced dancer or teacher. 

Made to Measure :-As all our skirts are handmade it is often possible to add an extra inch here and there depending on the fabrics that we have available and what width they come in.  Always feel free to email us requests and we will see what we can do although it may take a little longer.

Leotard Styles

All leotards are 'Made To Order' and are available in three adult sizes.  All leotards are handmade by myself in rural Leicestershire and not in a factory.  


We currently offer two design styles;


Love Lily No1.  A zip up leotard featuring several design options.   'Some' designs will offer;

  • Sleeves - choose from full or 3/4 sleeves

  • Zips - chose your zip colour

  • Leotard Back Material - mesh or Full fabric

  • Contrasting sleeve colours

  • Sleeve material - mesh, lace or full fabric


Love Lily No2. A flattering sleeveless drop waist leotard featuring a unique design panel.  'Some' designs will offer;

  • Leotard Front and Reverse (Bottom) - Lycra or Meryl

  • Leotard Reverse (Top) - Mesh, Lycra or Meryl

Size Guidelines 

All sizes are approximate as they are handmade by our Love Lily Team 

Short & Sassy

XS  -

Front 24-26 cms

Back 30 - 32 cms

Width UK Adult Size 0 - 4

Small  -

Front 26 - 28 cms

Back 34 - 36 cms

Width UK Adult Size 4 - 6

Medium  -

Front 30 - 32 cms

Back 36 - 38 cms

Width UK AdultSize 8 - 10 


Front 34 - 36cm

Back - 38 - 40 cm

Width UK Adult Size 12 - 14

Classic Cut



Front 28 - 30 cms

Back 34 - 36 cms

Width UK Size 2 - 4 


Front 30 - 32 cms

Back 38 - 40 cms

Width UK Size 6-8


Front 33 - 38 cms

Back 42 - 46 cms

Width UK Size 8 - 12

Pro Rehearsal


Small - Front 45cm, Back 60cm

Medium - Front 55, Back - 70 cm

High Low

Small/Medium - Front 40cm, Back 55cm

Made to Measure

As all our skirts are hand made on receipt of your order it is always possible to add an extra inch here and there to accommodate life's biological nuances. Please contact Love Lily Dance & Leisure Wear if you have  a special request, especially if  like me, you have long said goodbye to the sizes mentioned above!