Supporting Young Dancers

Behind every dancer is the belief of someone whether it be a parent, grandparent or a teacher.  If you have ever had a dancing child you will understand that it not only requires talent and commitment in bucket loads but it can also feel like a never ending expense.  To dance at a high level most children will have to study away from home, spend their holidays at dance schools not to mention the pointe shoes, physio, private lessons and tutus.

The UK Government do have in place a very generous scheme in place to help young dancers which is called the Music and Dance Scheme (MDS) and for older dancers there is at the DADA (Drama & Dance Awards) however these awards are few and far between and to be honest in the UK we aren't the best supporters of the Arts as much as I love this country.  However if you are lucky enough to have supportive parents (most likely working two jobs) there are other ways to fund the dance dream.  

Love Lily is my passion but it is not my job, that is trying to help keeping the NHS running.  Every year what profit we have left over goes back into dance and that is what makes both my Business Partner, Sue (aka Grandma) and myself happy.

Here are a few things we have achieved in the last three years since we started Love Lily.  We cannot thank you enough for all your support of our little dance brand.

Ruth & Sue Smith-Canham

Love Lily Partners 

Scholarship Winners and Donations Receivers


  • Winner 2016, Full Scholarship to Malvern Ballet Seminars, Directors the late Errol Pickford & Olivia Pickford 

  • Miss Chloe Jones, Winner 2017, Full Scholarship to Malvern Ballet Seminars, Directors the late Errol Pickford & Olivia Pickford

  • Miss Caroline Galvao, Winner of the Audience Prize at The Prix de Lausanne 2018, Donation of 100 Euros, The Prix de Lausanne

  • 2018 Mr Elliot Adams, Winner, Full Scholarship to Malvern Baller Seminars, Directors the late Errol Pickford & Olivia Pickford

  • 2019 Miss Mackenzie Brown and Jihyun Choi, Winners of the Audience and Web Audience Favourite of the Prix de Lausanne, Donation of 100 Euros

  • 2019 Miss Grace Owen , Full Scholarship to Malvern Ballet Seminars, Director Mrs Olivia Pickford